Designing a website or a web app is similar to planning a building.  In both cases, projects vary in size and complexity.  An architect helps you analyze the scope of your project.  Do you want to build a shed, the Taj Mahal, a simple website or a complex web app, or something in between?  Your architect then guides you through the process of determining your goals for the project.  What features and functions you want, what sort of content you will have, the style you want to convey? 

No two sites are the same. For each project, we create a software architecture that suits the customer’s business and IT needs – for today and for the years ahead. A good software architecture forms a solid foundation for every web project, just like strong footings form the foundation for a building. As we design the architecture for each project, we are planning ahead for optimal performance, security and maintenance.

We will work with your stakeholders to determine the architectural approach that works best for your company and project.  Our services cover the gamut of architectural design including:

  • Systems Architecture
  • Cloud Architecture
    • Amazon Web Services (AWS)
    • Microsoft Azure
  • Application Architecture
    • Mobile Development
      • Hybrid or Single-Source Native Apps for iOS or Android
      • Ionic Framework
      • React Native
    • Front-End Design
      • Angular
      • React
      • Vue.js
    • Back-End Design
      • Java
      • C#
      • JavaScript - Node.js
      • Microsoft SQL Server
      • MySQL
      • Amazon Aurora
      • Mongo DB
      • Google Firebase
      • Amazon DynamoDB